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hello everyone! i'm mohamad and I'm the humble admin of I'm a programmer and hobbyist linux admin. I mostly tweet about tech & politics and occasionally about US & world politics. I also shitpost a lot

I don't put political posts behind cws just because they're political but I do cw any triggering content. I also cw shitposts (esp. ones that don't make much sense out of context).

i'm cool with follow requests, just make sure ur profile is not empty

didn't notice AWS was down cause I live on the smallweb 🙈

could anyone (preferably in tech) review my resume? 🙈

I won't rest till I acquire

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there's this server software going around called """mastodon""" that automatically makes requests to 3rd party servers in the background. stay wary & exercise necessary caution

you: it's an unifinished, non-usable system

me: it's an esoteric system

one of my favorite moments so far is when I made a Markov twitter bot based on lyrics from my favorite rapper and he called me a g

favorite part about zoom classes is how neat everyone looks and I'm just a fuzzball in the corner

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I just confused weedmaps with overleaf 😭😭😭

I always come SO close to putting a hot take out on the TL and then refrain and decide I should think about it more

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hi, anyone have any documentation on securing a shared unix box? e.g. tilde?

do you remember what was?

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at this rate, I'm gonna have to explain what a tankie is to my mom

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Eugen and I have an interesting dynamic. I playfully trash talk him from time to time, and he has me muted

not github putting my dotfiles in the arctic code vault!

anyway this wraps up the saga of me finding a terminal. conclusion: alacritty, urxvt, kitty, and st all suck and don't support Arabic. I'll be using Konsole, have a good day

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more generally, any script that requires ligatures, RTL support, or sometimes just the ability to render non-Latin character is bloat

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one thing I learned from all this "simple minimal software" bullshit is that Arabic is bloat

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