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hello everyone! i'm mohamad and I'm the humble admin of I'm a programmer and hobbyist linux admin. I mostly tweet about tech & politics and occasionally about US & world politics. I also shitpost a lot

I don't put political posts behind cws just because they're political but I do cw any triggering content. I also cw shitposts (esp. ones that don't make much sense out of context).

i'm cool with follow requests, just make sure ur profile is not empty

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[EN] Some pictures of yesterday in #Tripoli, #Lebanon from the demonstration in the streets of the city yesterday afternoon to the clashes of the night.

[FR] Quelques images de la journée d'hier à Tripoli, au #Liban de la manifestation dans les rues de la ville hier après-midi aux affrontements de la nuit.

#photo #photography #photojournalism

stock market joke 

someone on Twitter said the government is about to ban outsider trading

urgent mutual aid, domestic violence, boost!!! 

Michele is a single indigenous mom in need of emergency funds. They were already struggling to make ends meet after escaping domestic violence. You can donate on PayPal or E-Transfer at okeymichelleokey [at] gmail [dot] com

From their email:

"On Saturday morning at 3am our house burnt down and my kids and I lost everything. This on top of my already very difficult situation has made life feel even more impossible. 
I desperately need all the help I can get right now because we have to now start over from scratch. We have nowhere to live right now and I can’t afford a hotel. 
If you are able to help out at all it would be a huge help. Every dollar counts right now. I’m trying to at least put together enough money to get us into a hotel for a few nights and/or some groceries and necessities since we lost everything in the fire."

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hey fellas just wrote some fizzbuzz, do you think i'll get the job?

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"Server died today. Or maybe yesterday; I can't be sure." ― Camus as an instance admin

I have a script that periodically scrapes the local shelter's website and let me knows when there are new guinea pig listings

it's not often that a security bug affects everything from your bank's servers to your child's tablet

looked up "Capricorn men" on twitter and I was not ready for all the slander

the moon is wild. really just a big rock ball floating in space

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FOSSbros or as I call them, lambda males


considering making some lentil soup while this shawarma is marinating

is this like the third "sudo" vulnerability in the past 12 months?

I write "seedless produce is DRM" in big letters on a piece of paper and stick it next to the entrance door to The Fediverse

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avoid DRM by not buying seedless produce

this is a supertoot. any toot made from now is a subtoot of this supertoot

I love when I look up seemingly unrelated concepts and find someone who actually wrote an article tackling them in relation to each other

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