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hello everyone! i'm mohamad and I'm the humble admin of I'm a programmer and hobbyist linux admin. I mostly tweet about tech & politics and occasionally about US & world politics. I also shitpost a lot

I don't put political posts behind cws just because they're political but I do cw any triggering content. I also cw shitposts (esp. ones that don't make much sense out of context).

i'm cool with follow requests, just make sure ur profile is not empty

maybe the best way to learn FreeBSD is to use it as my main OS


"why is this cigarette burning weird" asks mohamad before realizing that he's holding it the wrong way and is smoking the filter

controversial food take 

white chocolate is the best chocolate

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@mhmd Thanks for this detailed perspective.

I can see from your domain name that you are probably looking for respite from some of this stuff 😄

thinking about the lack of a Lebanese fedi and how much I'd hate it if it existed

kinda wanna commission a mascot for

selfie, ec 

mustache mohamad checking in on y'all 🇱🇧🇸🇾

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i wish people would softblock when they go to unfollow

just noticed today that luna & stella have successfully chewed out a heart shape froma their cardboard box

I forgot the password fior my 2FA vault.........

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@anarchiv CW 'your bourgeois decadence you fucking scum the next time you demand I CW my alcoholism or MH problems coming from poverty' is what they need to be told. these middle class cunts tone policing on here when they know nothing of poverty need a kick up the ass and told to shut the fuck up, then they need to pay the poor, the racially disenfranchised, the needy, the sick, I can go on and they need to pay every one of them before they DARE commentate on how we vent

when two cursed pieces of software interact </3

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I finally fixed GPG and I don't feel like explaining it but it was of course systemd's fault

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fixed version of my poll from yesterday 

omg were you born in the wrong Era? Which Era do you wish you were living in?

my next project 

federated club penguin

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