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just fixed another "it’s not DNS; there’s no way it’s DNS; it was DNS" problem

playing the entirety of Madvillainy this morning

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why do people subscribe to mailing lists if they're just gonna be snarky assholes to people asking for help? very odd behavior


new fatwa: ham radio is not halal

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i think every “free and open source advocate” & “infosec expert” should work at an IT help desk for at least 6 months so they can understand why getting people to “just switch” to whatever privacy-respecting app they’re promoting this week is impractical

one of my top visited webpages is

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mutual aid, emergency, SNAP issues 

I didn't get my SNAP today and I didn't know I wasn't going to get it

they closed my account for failure to fill out some form, which I didn't know about because I cannot regularly access my mailbox

I literally go once or twice a month because I can't walk there

I am panick sobbing because I have no food and I count on that 250 dollars to get it

I really need help, I'm sorry to ask again

paypal is

cash app is $bonemasque

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physical health (-) 

been dealing with a low-grade fever for the past 3 days. I took 2 antigen tests & a PCR. thankfully, all came back negative

doesn’t mean it’s not kicking my ass tho

some spammer figured out my name is Mohamad and has been sending me emails to purchase these weird walmart-syle, custom-made, auto-generated t-shirts with my name on them

despite not being compiled for ARM, it still runs super smoothly on the M1 MacBook Air with Rosetta2

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growing up, C&C Red Alert 2 was my favorite game to play so it's cool to re-explore strategy games again

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man i recently started playing starcraft 2 and it's been fun

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Nice knowing that it's in the #OpenBSD package repo! Maybe when I get OpenBSD installed on one of the Power Mac G4 towers, I'll use #mlvwm on it. :flan_cool:

GitHub - morgant/mlvwm: Macintosh-like Virtual Window Manager (official repo)

cursed food 

chicken tikka masala bubble tea

help me get :

I’m looking for a mid-level remote SRE/DevOps position in the USA.

I’m based in SF and open to coming into the office periodically. I’m authorized to work in the USA for a few years but would require sponsorship down the line.

Resume available on demand!

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