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hello everyone! i'm mohamad and I'm the humble admin of I'm a programmer and hobbyist linux admin. I mostly tweet about tech & politics and occasionally about US & world politics. I also shitpost a lot

I don't put political posts behind cws just because they're political but I do cw any triggering content. I also cw shitposts (esp. ones that don't make much sense out of context).

i'm cool with follow requests, just make sure ur profile is not empty

food, meat 

when life gives u chicken & a little yogurt. you make shish taouk

Blockchain, mommy kink. 

"No Mommy, don't tie me to the blockchain, I promise I'll be good"

“if you sow shit, don’t expect to reap kenafeh” — my middle school arabic teacher

can u all log out rn i need a sec alone

mastodon privacy settings will get into me into some shit some day

Successfully updated hosts (and jails) from 12.2-RELEASE to 12.3-RELEASE :partyparrot:

covid vax 

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it’s 3:21am and im on call at work tomorrow this is terrible

hey users what mastodon client do y’all use

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lol i posted this and immediately the FedEx truck pulled up, guess bullying does work

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FedEx says my package is on a truck and being delivered today, which means there is a 50% chance I'll get it sometime this week

pro-tip: if you ever get a link that you don't trust, add a "+" to the end of the URL so you can be taken to the info page instead

e.g.: ->

almost put a fork in the oven instead of the dishwasher. happy monday

everyday I curse Hamilton for giving a new generation of white people the confidence to go on TikTok and make more corny diss rap songs

I think the funniest part about [big social media] outage is the fact that their employees couldn't get into their offices because the buildings' badge readers weren't working

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