on fosstodon & racism 

white fossheads will lose their fucking minds in rage & curse you out if you dared ask a question before sifting through documentation but somehow find it acceptable to ask offensive, racist, and ignorant questions to Black people

on fosstodon & racism 

when Stallman fucking endorses pedophilia then we have to separate "the message from messager" but when a Black person is mean to you, then it's "so much for your cause"

on fosstodon & racism 

@mhmd yeah it is best to block them they've been known for this and do it intentionally, their admins are known to be on board.

re: on fosstodon & racism 

@mhmd and then they'll have the audacity to whine about how black people should do more to "educate" white racists and how really if you think about it's really BLACK people's fault that people are racist and how the white people are the REAL victims here.

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