@djsundog I think babeld is broken on FreeBSD or I'm using it incorrectly. Have people been manually setting up static routes between each other?

@mhmd no, but changes to the tunnels (including the tunnel between you and I) need to be made before it will work afaik - @kepstin is the babeld expert in the tubes right now

@djsundog @mhmd yeah, https://www.kepstin.ca/blog/babel-routing-over-wireguard-for-the-tubes/ is the docs for that. The changes to the wireguard tunnel config mostly involve assigning some additional addresses, disabling wg-quick's automatic route configuration, and setting AllowedIPs to cover the whole tubes net *and* ipv6 link-local *and* a specific multicast address.

@djsundog @mhmd Note also that if you have a firewall running on the machine, babeld needs to be able to receive UDP packets on port 6696 from the wireguard interfaces.


@kepstin @djsundog I'm doing all that but I don't think it's working? sending SIGUSR1 prints out only the IPs I'm controlling, I can't ping, and all I'm seeing is "Warning: couldn't check rules." in the babeld logs even though I have verbosity all the way to 3

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