@djsundog I think babeld is broken on FreeBSD or I'm using it incorrectly. Have people been manually setting up static routes between each other?

@mhmd no, but changes to the tunnels (including the tunnel between you and I) need to be made before it will work afaik - @kepstin is the babeld expert in the tubes right now

@djsundog good to know. thank you. on a separate note, could you please verify you can access http://git.mellow at some point?

@mhmd I've got to get up to date on the resolver settings everyone is using but yeah, will definitely check it out this weekend

I've updated my config on our peer tube to be ready to expect babeld routing from your end based on kepstin's wiki page on routing and numbering and the config changes he had me make to get it going with him - let me know when you want me to bounce the tunnel and enact the changes :)

@djsundog I updated the wireguard config on my end and started babeld

@mhmd @djsundog please send a signal "USR1" to babeld and check to see if it has picked up your local routes for your own subnet - they should be marked "(exported)"

@mhmd @kepstin now I saw you connect to the tunnel but did not receive any routes from you yet

@djsundog @mhmd worst case it can take up to a minute to get the routes, but it should be pretty quick if the multicast traffic from babeld is going through correctly.

Gotta say tho, I'm not familiar with the freebsd implementation of wireguard... other than hearing that it was apparently problematic enough that they backed it out of freebsd 13 https://lwn.net/Articles/850098/ :/ I wonder if there are maybe some issues with ipv6 link-local addresses or multicast implementation on it? :/

@djsundog @mhmd some quick googling reveals that folks appear to have gotten other protocols using ipv6 link multicast going; similar to on linux, the key requirement is that the interface must have a unique link-local address (fe80::something) assigned.

@djsundog yeah I'm not gonna be able to get this to work for now. mind restoring the old settings?

@mhmd done and done. let me know next time you'd like to take a run at it and we'll flop it around again :)

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