this has been asked numerous times but what's the best way to run a website in 2021 that is
1. low cost
2. mutual aid friendly
3. easy to maintain and manage by a non-technical user

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for context: mutual aid friendly means that the hosting provider will not give us any problems for hosting a mutual aid website

@mhmd I self-host, which is *almost* the solution that fits all that, but even with a WordPress installation or similar, it still isn't super easy to maintain

people might suggest software like wordpress and such, but for a self-hosting _platform_ maybe you can check out

>FreedomBox is a private server for non-experts: it lets you install and configure server applications with only a few clicks. It runs on cheap hardware of your choice, uses your internet connection and power, and is under your control.

@mhmd Github pages(with the built in Jekyll) would be a pain to theme initially but it's free and you can just edit markdown files from the webui. You could also do WordPress but the hosting is more expensive.

What do you have in mind when you say "mutual aid friendly", like donations?

As a low-tech user I find Neocities super easy to manage, but you can't do anything with it beyond HTML/CSS/Javascript, so you'd have to link to an external service if you wanted to take donations.

@mhmd what does it mean for a platform to be mutual aid friendly?


I mean getting a website up and running can be a bit of a maze, I used for web hosting but yah it can be quite a headache trying to figure shit out.

However, once you have something setup to host your website dokuwiki is fantastic and super simple to use and maintain.

You can also just browse plugins and make your dokuwiki website function like a blog or a normal website. Its great, there is no database or anything.


I am not sure this is helpful because I think what you are asking is also for something that a non-technical user could setup and yah setting up a server yourself (whether its remote or on a raspberry pi that you bought) can be quite annoying tho if you follow guides it is obviously doable.


However, if you can get to that point dokuwiki isssss flippin sweet. You might find some other turnkey hosting services that might set up dokuwiki for you too, which would then be pretty darn simple since setting up and editing the wiki can all be down within dokuwiki's GUI


The dokuwiki homepage recommends this website host company and you can just click a button to preinstall dokuwiki so yah that would be pretty simple

web hosting and posting 

@mhmd I think there are too many solutions for anyone to know them all and talk about 'the best.' Here is what makes sense for me right now

@mhmd What exactly does "mutual aid friendly" mean? Is this some kind of fediverse jargon I haven't learned yet?

@mhmd you considered asking Starless about their hosting services?

@mhmd WordPress with a cheap/normal hosting. I think my friend @chris can help you.

@arh @mhmd Yeah, this would be an easy combination to get going. There are plenty of low-cost hosts out there a simple search away. Advantage to this setup is you can migrate if the site grows whereas, with many other platforms, that would be very difficult.

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