does anyone know of any cool (and not creepy) fediverse-related datasets? I'm taking a data visualization course and I'd like to visualize some data on the fedi for my final projects.

also please boost <3

@GrassrootsReview @mhmd Yeah, unfortunately what I'd consider cool would be a direct instance-level dataset. To the best of my knowledge, there's no such thing (I built mine from a pre-existing user-level dataset).
But as I mentioned, I think that's probably doable if some admins are OK with it, I'm just still thinking about what would be the best way to present this idea and how to set it up...

@tfardet I hope that for this task the dataset is good enough. A instance level dataset will be hard. It would need to be a large instances to be able to do a meaningful analysis and then there will always be people objecting to their data being used in a privacy focussed social media system. Even if you make a strong case that anonymity is guaranteed. @mhmd

Err, which task are we talking about?
The dataset I used is getting old but at the time it was a fairly comprehensive snapshot I guess.
But, though the data was pseudonymised, it is user level, so way more intrusive than if we could find some admins that would be interested in sharing the number of requests they sent/received from other instances. As this would be entirely aggregated and non-specific data, it would be privacy respecting while providing interesting data.

@GrassrootsReview @mhmd
I think such a dataset would really let us say: this is what the fediverse looks like!

@tfardet "Coarse-grained to instance level" sounded to me like you were studying the network of instances, not the network of users in the instances. @mhmd

@GrassrootsReview @mhmd yes, exactly, that's what I looked at :)
I think it makes sense for the Fediverse and it should not lead to privacy issues

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