would like to apologize to my body for what I'm doing to it during senior week but I'm not close to being done yet

bad physical health 

this toot was a bad omen cause I did in fact end up at the hospital

before yall get worried tho it's nothing severe


bad physical health 

ok so I woke up with a sore throat and it developed into a terrible fever. I was dealing with it on my own but then I had a coughing fit around 11PM where I couldn't breathe and my housemate overheard and called campus security. they checked my vitals and recommended I go to the hospital.

Hospital ran tests for COVID, strep, flu, etc... and nothing came back positive so they discharged me and I was on my way out by 5AM.

I feel so much better today but what a wild experience

re: bad physical health 

@mhmd I am glad to hear you are feeling better! Sorry you had to endure that.

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