pretty weird how sysupgrade doesn't work when you don't have a monitor plugged in.

@mhmd I don't want to dismiss this fact but this doesn't make much sense :flan_eyeroll: sysupgrade change the default next boot so it's not avoidable except if you explicitly tell to boot , I'd suggest to report the bug, we never heard it before (reddit isn't used as a bug tracker)

I'm really curious what's going on. Also I've helped a few people for whom sysupgrade wasn't doing anything but it was due to their setup (like a /home different than the one available at the bsd.rd step)

That would be interesting to check if it never go into the installer or if the installer is booting but doing nothing.

@solene @mhmd

Just for fun, I unplugged a monitor and successfully upgraded a machine today using sysupgrade. Weirdly, it seemed to fail on the first go and work on the second. No idea why.

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