i think every “free and open source advocate” & “infosec expert” should work at an IT help desk for at least 6 months so they can understand why getting people to “just switch” to whatever privacy-respecting app they’re promoting this week is impractical

wish i could boost twice, I wouldn't be able to say it better.


If you don't switch to free software, it's your problem not mine because your freedom and privacy is getting trampled. Why do I care? It's not like I'm making money out of it if you choose to use this libre app.

It's like you are in an abusive relation, and when I try to tell you to stay away from that person, I am being impractical.


Depends on the app, like signal's signup process is just entering your phone number

Linux though? lmao good luck getting any normal person using that

@mhmd used to want to do something like that with having professionals use the software and then notating all their complaints about it.
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