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3DPrinting advice/please boost 

Has anyone here used one of these? Seem gimmicky to me, but considering it.

@djsundog how are people handling TLS certs at the moment? I was thinking of setting up an ACME server at acme.mellow or something that can issue certs for the tubes

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A bit weird couple of questions for non-cis people. Boost if you like, please :boost_requested:

1. Do you have some sort of internal voice or monologue?

2. If you do, has this voice changed during your gender transition, gender-wise?

now available @ cheese.mellow on port 80 exclusively in

"how could I ever care about my body knowing it's not me but mine?"

@djsundog yeah I'm not gonna be able to get this to work for now. mind restoring the old settings?

@kepstin @djsundog I'm doing all that but I don't think it's working? sending SIGUSR1 prints out only the IPs I'm controlling, I can't ping, and all I'm seeing is "Warning: couldn't check rules." in the babeld logs even though I have verbosity all the way to 3

@djsundog I updated the wireguard config on my end and started babeld

@djsundog good to know. thank you. on a separate note, could you please verify you can access http://git.mellow at some point?

@djsundog I think babeld is broken on FreeBSD or I'm using it incorrectly. Have people been manually setting up static routes between each other?

cannibalism, dating 

just saw someone on Tinder with "probably a cannibal" in their profile

@kepstin @djsundog dope! I added my zone and an unbound script

@kepstin @djsundog looks dope. how do I add my zone? I'm already serving "mellow" over at

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