@romainelaprophetesse I've definitely seen people who have alts on those 2 instances in addition radtown. defederated from all 3

@kawaiipunk try running it with -vvv flags to see if the logs say anything useful

@ljwrites I've used purelymail.com in the past and it worked pretty well. only $10/year with no hard limits on anything.

I've also heard that gandi.net offers a free mailbox if you register your domain with them


@c0debabe uhhhh you download chrome on your server and run it l guessa

I love when I look up seemingly unrelated concepts and find someone who actually wrote an article tackling them in relation to each other

@solene Arch. The packaging system is inspired by *BSD ports which means managing packages (including installing ones not in the community repos) is less of a pain, especially with the existence of the AUR.

Only downside is that the community packages tend to be compiled with all the flags and features so it's not exactly minimalistic. They try hard to keep things simple though.

quote of a bitcoiner (meh) 

@iantila satoshi nakamoto, you will be dealt with

getting an android feels like a mistake some (most) of the time

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In case you need the extra encouragement, making your content accessible and excising ableism from your language makes you a better writer. Just saying 🤷‍♀️

does anyone have any recommendations on any easy NAS solutions (similar to Synology)? Looking for something that my partner's parents can use without me maintaining it

@kemonine sadly when you're very aggressive in advertisement, you can get by with poor service

@kemonine I read this as "I don't like" and thought you were talking about something else lmao sorry

so how's tankie reddit (Lemmy) doing?


my birthday week is coming up and I have so many recipes prepared for it

@ady_luimeme watching yugioh lol. I've been rewatching all of it lately

food, meat 

just had the most mediocre burger ever. how's everyone's night going?

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