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I feel so seen by academics of color like,, and identifying the issues and challenges with Mastodon and overall fediverse with such undeniable clarity after being gaslit for years by white people in this space telling me they didn't understand what the problem was and didn't get why PV was under constant assault.

I knew I wasn't wrong, but trying to work around the delusion and irrationality of whiteness will drive you insane.

White folks will get violent and angry when you disagree with their fabricated reality that is even at odds with itself.

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As a blogger since 2008, I'd say social media is in a state of transition.

Where it goes, who knows?

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There are lots of POC who have been in the Fediverse for years raising problems, so all this white innocence about how “we didn’t know this was a problem” is bullshit.

Also we are the species that worked out the mass of the Higgs Boson but you guys want me to believe that the problems people have been raised can only be solved by instance hopping and blocking? Lol ok sure, Karen Jan Chad

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some spammer figured out my name is Mohamad and has been sending me emails to purchase these weird walmart-syle, custom-made, auto-generated t-shirts with my name on them

what is this mastodon thing i heard it’s like an alternative for twitter?

@Stoori they performed this song live before recording a studio version and it's amazing

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@packetcat how do you feel about used HW? A used thinkcentre mini off eBay could do the job

@packetcat if you're comfortable using an ethernet dongle then it works well. I'm doing it with my Thinkpad

just fixed another "it’s not DNS; there’s no way it’s DNS; it was DNS" problem

playing the entirety of Madvillainy this morning

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@h then yeah you can point your domain to your Pi, generate an SSL cert, and configure apache to do the redirect

@h depends on what you're using to host your static site!

how do you currently do it?


So "http://" redirects correctly but "https://" does not

the reason is that Namecheap does not support HTTPS with their redirect service

@h hey! could you please share a screenshot of your "Redirect Domain" configuration?

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