I was never able to predict a linux network interface name

I should probably turn my website into a theme I could use with hugo or something

me: [gives guinea pig enough hay for 4]

guinea pig: [proceeds to eat the wood tunnel]

@Dee every nextcloud feature feels like it was written in an afternoon and was never touched again

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re: intellectual property politics 

@montagsoup @mhmd Agreed, but we have a HUGE usability problem. And I don't see how it could ever be fixed without money. Doing the shit-work required to make products usable at all-- let alone to delight users-- requires paying developers to do it. It is *not* fun work. It's brain-numbing, obnoxious, annoying, horrible shitwork to most developers. It's the kind of stuff that makes you never want to program again.

Until there is something like Universal Basic Income, and people don't have to work for a living, I can't see how this problem gets solved. There's no way after a full day of working on this kind of mind-numbing crap that you'll get me or most other people to spend my spare time doing more of it.
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intellectual property politics 

@mhmd I'm really glad that open source software exists since it meant that 12 year old me was able to get programming tools for free instead of being expected to pay $1000 for an IDE, and without that I would have probably never learned to program.

On the other hand, I think a lot of people spend too much effort trying to guilt people for not using open source, while ignoring those people's complaints when they explain how existing open source projects don't fit their needs.

So I agree that the activism-through-consumerism is the wrong route. We need to focus more on building software that fits people's needs, or even better, create tools that will let them produce their own software to meet their needs.

US political ads 

@WeeMadHamish I get some of those ads by mail. most recent one was a fake "invoice" of my tax bill under some local candidate's tax plan. god forbid we pay for a safety net to exist in society

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hey y'all, let's help shayne out! he's a Black trans man in my area who's been dealing with job discrimination and housing insecurity, and it would only take a few donations from people with tech salaries to help him reach his gofundme goal and get some stability back! please help if you can afford it!



intellectual property politics 

@RussSharek trying to dig more at what this actually achieves instead of how it makes the consumer feel. it's also interesting that you decided that "copyright = brand" and "no copyright = no brand" when that is not the case

intellectual property politics 

@sofia I never said it's ineffective but I see it as effective as other modes of "ethical consumption" that builds on the idea of "voting with your wallet."

@null you need a genuine license key to activate this neuron

fruit computer company 

I'm sorry I know I talked about Apple before but I never actually read a summary of what they announced and just keep discovering a random announcement every few days

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fruit computer company 

they released FOUR phone models???

intellectual property politics 

@ghost_bird that's interesting. so escapism?

intellectual property politics 

is it just me or is the pressure to use foss and consume copyleft media just another attempt at activism-through-consumerism?

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