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linkedin, mention of forced marriage 

linkedin is wild yo

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age hasn't given me a whole lot of wisdom, but one thing i've learned is it's easy to just not say stuff sometimes

I feel like Android is the kind of project Google would've killed in 2 years given how shitty and inconsistent it is but now they're too deep in and it's so profitable

food, meat 

I don't think I've ever smelt pork and was like "hmm smells good" with the exception of maybe bacon....

personal finance joke 

so your credit report can have how much money you owe people but not how many positive reviews you have on ebay as a buyer? wack

looking for other fedi guinea pig parents :boost_ok:

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it's called because it's for centrists

you: "white leftist"

me: "mayo marxist"

maybe the best way to learn FreeBSD is to use it as my main OS


"why is this cigarette burning weird" asks mohamad before realizing that he's holding it the wrong way and is smoking the filter

controversial food take 

white chocolate is the best chocolate

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@mhmd Thanks for this detailed perspective.

I can see from your domain name that you are probably looking for respite from some of this stuff 😄

thinking about the lack of a Lebanese fedi and how much I'd hate it if it existed

kinda wanna commission a mascot for

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