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anyone wrote a bot yet that looks for AGPL headers in non-AGPL licensed GitHub repos?

I just implemented a minimal but multi-threaded gemini server in Python in a little bit over 200 lines of code (less if u exclude comments)

I've never worked with TCP sockets so this was fun. not sure if it would be safe to expose to the internet tho

lmao not me debugging Mastodon for a week only to discover the problem was with my object storage provider

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This #powerbook has too much memory :flan_shrug:
I run my mail client, mastodon (web browser + brutaldon server), i3 and a terminal with ssh and irssi.

It still has 85MB of free memory + 95MB of cache! This system has 512MB.

pop political quiz, no cheating 

do you remember, without using any search engine, who was the VP on Clinton's 2016 ticket?

mhmd boosted is once again open for new registrations.

Are you interested in languages, linguistics, translation etc? Do you want to find a small, peaceful and moderated instance?

Then come to us!

We'll review all registrations, so state your interest in languages when you sign up.

#mastodon #instances #Polyglot.City #languages

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Nobody needs white guilt. What we need is white responsibility.

uspol, funny story about shitty relatives 

my partner's cousin is a MAGA dude. he spent the last few years posting NOTHING but political memes and conspiracy theories. ever since Biden won, he hasn't been posting anything but pictures of himself with his kids

poll on ur personal hygene & hair 

poll open for everyone. preference for people with a lot of hair, preferably Mediterranean curly hair. does washing ur hair more often make u shed more?

question about backup software, pls boost 

first mistake was forgetting that higher nice values mean less CPU time

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question about backup software, pls boost 

has anyone here used before? is the first upload usually really slow? I'm only getting like 300KB/s and I can't figure out where the bottleneck is

I tried:
1. Checking RAM, I have gigs free while it's running
2. Increasing nice score but it still doesn't use up much CPU time
3. Doing a speedtest on the backup client (peaking at 700MB/s)

So my guess is either the backup server is slow (using or I'm hitting some I/O limit? or is borg just that slow / my CPU isn't good enough (but wouldn't that translate to borg using more CPU)?


I should get some ginger soon

I'm finding some good shit on bandcamp goddamn

kind of a subtoot 

i don't mind shitposting and actually enjoy it. but some of y'all be shitposting at like 500 spm (shit per minute) and I have trouble keeping up plus my TL gets cluttered

just saying cause I actually enjoy your posts but I end up having to unfollow / mute :/

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#DOFH excuse #45:

It's not DNS. There's no way it's DNS. It was DNS.

uspol shitpost 

from twitter:

"Quick explainer for my non-American friends: since Donald Trump and Joe Biden each got roughly half the vote share, they'll each be president for two years. However, they need to confirm that Joe did get more votes than Trump before allowing him to pick which two years he wants"

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damn, the county I did my exchange year in might be deciding the election

what if I change my last name to "et al"

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