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i wanna set up a version of and call it something different

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(boosts please) informal selection biased masto poll time :dragnuwu:

in the following adhd is defined as: you have been diagnosed with adhd, you have self-diagnosed, or you fit the typical screening criteria (if you're not sure please go over the symptoms and see if you are affected by many of the symptoms in at least 2 different settings)

hacker is defined as: you enjoy writing code, learning about computing topics, or finding novel ways to interact with computer systems; and do it as a hobby, for fun, or as a volunteer

pick the best description of yourself

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More on multilingual usage of #gemini.

I was interested to see how a bilingual file with text in one left-to-right language (English) and one right-to-left language (Arabic) would show up. The file is served on #Jetforce without default language.

1st image is how the file looks like in my editor. There's one change of direction inline and another one on a new line.

2nd image is how #Lagrange renders the file. Appalling.

3rd image is from #Kristall. Brilliant!

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@thegibson so opnsense is actually just a pfsense fork. no relation to openbsd.

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Hey lovely folks!

My friend Mercedes and I are starting this project, Art Stuck at Home, a fun artist community project. We hope that you will follow along and see some amazing work from amazing artist from all over! Make sure you follow the page to see updates, the launch, and what comes next.

You can check out our website for more details or follow us on instagram!

Also if you are interested in participating, DM me! I cannot wait to see your art

i want myspace-style auto playing music on my mastodon profile *submits issue*

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doing anything on the AWS website feels like walking into a warehouse

we should start referring to DHCP+NAT as "subleasing"

email server goes down and websites start freaking out 🙄 clingy much?

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excited to find a new place to live in a few months but not excited to talk to landlords

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@mhmd @ghost_bird

No, they also care about research income, donations and such like.

lewd-adjacent, kind of a subtoot 

damn I must be the most fuckable person on this timeline

arabic saying, kinda lewd 

life is a carrot: one day it's in your hand, and one day it's up your ass

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