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"they couldn't predicate upon a precipice" remains one of the best album opening lines

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just bubbled a notification on android 11 and had to spend a little bit figuring out how to unbubble it

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for context: mutual aid friendly means that the hosting provider will not give us any problems for hosting a mutual aid website

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this has been asked numerous times but what's the best way to run a website in 2021 that is
1. low cost
2. mutual aid friendly
3. easy to maintain and manage by a non-technical user

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"we'll get back to you in 3 business days" what are you doing with all this information

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local hair salon made me fill out an online form and submit a picture of my hair as a new customer

what if we kissed in front of the purple imac

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New (to me) scam.

"Power company" calls. Power will be cut off in 30 minutes unless I pay right now. Had my name, address, and phone number, probably from one of the data leaks. Rep was a human, sounded like the real thing.

Hung up, called phone # on bill, verified we're good.

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Today’s card is Death, wishing you the strength to let go of something - a memory, a thing you believe about yourself, a thing that’s holding you back. Death is transformation, not an ending

my brain: i don't give a single fuck about this class

my mouth: i am taking this class asynchronously

anxiety thoughts 

me: so glad i'm done with so many things

brain: what if you run out of things to do??? how do you fill your time???



food, meat 

put the buffalo chicken dip in the slow cooker 😎

instead of "toot" and "post" I recommend the middle ground "poop" which is 100% serious and has no alternative meanings

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