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"if u put a pizza on top of a pizza, u have 2 pizzas but if u put a lasagna on top of a lasagna, u have 1 lasagna"

ok I haven't been here for 5 minutes and my Uber driver is already telling me about how he prefers SF to Oakland because it's "safer"

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I'm in San Francisco and I'm about to make it everybody's problem

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chia, the new crapcoin that uses proof of space or some crap, has already crossed six exabytes. that's six million terabytes.

better hope it topples or we'll all be looking at SSDs next year the way we look at GPUs now...


i am also ordering mcdonalds

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hi this is mohamad and i'm learning how to process emotions in a healthy manner

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i'm gonna be free all night doing nothing in this hotel room. if you want to a have a jitsi chat with me or something dm me

just checked in!! I didn't know I was sleeping in the panopticon for a weekend

does anyone know of any cool (and not creepy) fediverse-related datasets? I'm taking a data visualization course and I'd like to visualize some data on the fedi for my final projects.

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hey girl are you a burger king cause I can I get a cheeseburger with no onions a large fry one diet Sprite and a Hershey pie than k you

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slip like freudian
the first and last step to playing yourself like accordion

what do you mean i need to download an app to access my apartment

coordinating a cross-country move in the span of 5 days <3

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