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mmm apple juice

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Asking for financial help. 

Hey folks, I’m hoping this is the last time I need to ask for help, but right now I need it. I recently got started on ADHD medications and I’m hoping that will help me get on track soon. But in the meantime, I need help.

Job hunting has produced nothing for me, and don’t have much money left. I don’t have enough to pay rent or bills right now. If you can spare it, I would really appreciate if you could help me out.

If you know of any job opportunities, I would also appreciate it if you would DM me.

Paypal: Patreon: GitHub Sponsors (won’t get a payout until November):


flow art deco, ad nauseum
sip prosecco, in the autumn
howdy mrs, I feel rowdy like aloyisius
pugilistic nephew, past curfew
slurp me like tonkatsu
recieve blessings like atchoo

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Looking for housing by the end of the month (California Bay Area), boosts much appreciated :boost_requested: 

Hey, so!

We're uhhh getting kicked out at the end of the month. >,,<

We have no money and nowhere to go. We can't drive, and public transport in the rest of the country seems basically nonexistent, so we have to stay in bus range of the BART train system. But anywhere within that should work equally well.

is it better to


hi fedi it's been 20 days since my last toot (about drinking water) and I'd like to inform everyone that I've indulged in the consumption of many more beverages (including more water) since


just drank water. amazing experience. 10/10

also why does every phone have like 7 cameras

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why do all current smartphones look like ~that~

yacl: yet another constructed language

might get cancelled for this 

haha bouncy dock icon goes boing wooooooooo

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might get cancelled for this 

I'm so glad to be back on macOS

so the product page for this paper shredder has a width and height but no length is available for registration

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