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self-hosting your own mastodon instance means you can look at your web logs and learn that your ex has been consistently stalking your social media since you broke up a year ago

okay so emailing the government of Moldova to turn on DNSSEC on my domain worked

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emailing the government of moldova about DNSSEC...

disappointed in a lot of people this morning…

may my homie’s “inshallahs” turn into “alhamdulillahs”

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And the Lord did speak, but His followers could not hear.

And His followers cried out to him, "Lord, Thou art on mute."

And the Lord did try to press the button to go off of mute, and did actually share his screen.

And his followers did see his open tabs, and were much dismayed.

chillin with kanye west and bugs bunny in the metaverse

lyrics, bandcamp link 

grasp on the infinite like we intimate
how we make idealism belligerent?
nappy ass metaphysicists
midnight passion spillin' into morning
upon the ash trays and I'm zoning
the mind pirouettes past the moment
as if the rhyme were the only component
omens bombarding I and I alive, I and I alive, I and I alive

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AI-generated breakfast food 

Used GPT-3 to generate new breakfast cereals and descriptions.
Some are a bit questionable.


you, a hipster westerner: we are experimenting with this new lifestyle where we have multiple lovers

me, a devout Muslim: and this is my third wife, Aisha

food, meat 

when life gives u chicken & a little yogurt. you make shish taouk

Blockchain, mommy kink. 

"No Mommy, don't tie me to the blockchain, I promise I'll be good"

“if you sow shit, don’t expect to reap kenafeh” — my middle school arabic teacher

can u all log out rn i need a sec alone

mastodon privacy settings will get into me into some shit some day

Successfully updated hosts (and jails) from 12.2-RELEASE to 12.3-RELEASE :partyparrot:

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